about... Timo Osterberg

Sound engineer, show technician and distributor of show technical equiment

Hi! My name is Timo and I've been working in this field of business since 1999.

After finishing my apprenticeship as a show technician, I started working freelance - I mainly work in Europe, but my network reaches all the way to north america.


I live in Hamburg, Germany - this city has been my home since 2003.

I have had the joy and privilege of collecting my experiences on all kinds of jobs and shows - from rock concerts over musical shows to live broadcasts.


My job description and area of responsibility is not just limited to the support of shows - through my experiences over the last 18 years my spectrum of expertise has become diverse and I can cater to a large field:

- operation of a small sound and recording studio (mixing of bands)

- counseling for the technicial realisation of shows

- planning and manufacturing of customer specific equipment

- knowledge and practical experience in the field of lights for shows

- guidance and project managment 

- planning und construction of show equipment such as cases


I love my job, because I get to work with so many different people and personalities from around the globe.

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