case construction

Discussing the clients wishes

The first thing I do when I get a request to built a case, is to have an intensive talk with the client about what his/her wishes are - when possible in person. Here I have to distinguish between: 1) standard cases that I've built before and 2) first order custom made cases.


If it's a case that I've built before, a personal meeting is not that important - but I think about what could be optminised and talk to my client about this new perspective. 

If it's a custom made case that I'm building for the first time we discuss what would be best suited for the purpose of the case application and then I consult about what is possible. Later during the case building process a second talk may be useful.


I set a high value in the communication with my clients!! 


The sketch and design

After talking to my clients I make a rough sketch and then design the cases using the Flitecad software. It's proven to be a very handy too.

I like working old school as well as with the latest technology, as long as it's useful!


At the end of this stage a second talk may be useful for innovative cases.


Building the case

Using the precise data I get from my design software I now start building the babies!


My workshop is equiped with everything I need to build sustainable and effective - from... to...


Final approval

When the building process is finished and I am perfectly satisfied, the clients get to approve the cases. If there is anything they don't like, I do my best to cater to their wants.


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